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Why Lease or Buy from Us

  • Save time and money
  • All makes and models
  • Tailor leases to maximize tax advantages
  • Expertise with hard-to-find vehicles
  • Structure leases for high-mileage drivers
  • Accept trade-in or lease returns
  • Early lease terminations

Our Reviews

Ed Izzo - 2004 Lamboghini Murcielago

Our medical group leased multiple vehicles with John. He always provided excellent precise service. Highly recommended!

Vuong DuThinh - 2019 Porsche Boxster

I have bought ALL my cars from John Pigman since 2002. John is a perfect gentleman with a golden heart. He is extremely honest, and he cares about his clients. he always paid attention to my needs and made sure to find the exact cars with the precise requirements. He takes care of ALL the details, which makes the pain and hassles of car buying out of the equation. The cars are delivered to my house at the expected time and all aspects of the transaction always occurred as expected and outlined. There was never a surprise. His AFTER delivery service is also impeccable. I did not have any big fundamental issues after delivery, but whatever the issues were John was always available and still made it his mission to resolve all issues to my satisfaction. I am planning to purchase my next vehicle from him. I highly recommend John Pigman

Vuong DuThinh MD 

John Lochemes - 2019 McLaren 570

John is a professional motivated advocate of finding the right car and deal for his client. I am very satisfied with my exotic lease! I would enthusiastically recommend him for your next car lease!


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